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Hi my name's Sophie this is my blog, if you are reading this I love you already. I am a 14 year old girl recovering from anorexia, I am here for anyone who needs a bit of lovin. Hope you enjoy.F indingA nswersI nT he H eart

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Out of all the darkness of the last few years comes an incredible amount of light. The closeness and trust I have in my family is stronger than any other aspect in my life. Love is too small a word to sum up how I feel about these amazing humans.

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As requested by quite a few of you this is him 💕

Anonymous said: Please put a pretty pic of you and your boyfriend up please please please yay

Okay I will in one sec xxx

Anonymous said: Do you have a boyfriend?

Yes I do, which is part of the reason as to why everything is so good at the moment ☺️☺️ xxxxxx

Eating a whole massive bar of oreo chocolate ‘cause I don’t care I love it.

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Super quick selfie for my beautiful followers. No filter, no multiple attempts just simply me. Smile.

Super quick selfie for my beautiful followers. No filter, no multiple attempts just simply me. Smile.

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Anonymous said: hi little angel :) on your recent photos it looks like you lost weight. i mean, i don't want to trigger but i'm worried. have you lost weight?

I haven’t been weighed in a few months. At this point in my life/recovery being weighed would be purely detrimental. You have to take into account I am growing and developing everyday therefore my weight will fluctuate constantly, which if I were to see on the scale may distress me/set me back. So I may or may not have lost a bit of weight but at the moment it is best for me to just stick to a good intake and live my life. Xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said: I hope you get your period. After all you've been through, I hope you're blessed with fertility. ❤️

Thank you dear. I really hope it comes around too. My one true dream is to have children and if that has been snatched away from me by this evil, manipulative illness then I will never forgive myself.

Anonymous said: Why are you so pretty share your beauty

This put a big smile on my face and started my day of perfectly! Thank you cutie xxxx

Help needed from you beautiful followers!

As many of you know my summer project is to right a book based upon my struggles with anorexia. I’m aiming for it to be similar to my blog: telling my story in order to aim to help others. It will be both a biography and a self help book. Please help me by telling me what you think I should/shouldn’t include and any ideas you have. Thank you 💕