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Hi my name's Sophie this is my blog, if you are reading this I love you already. I am a 14 year old girl recovering from anorexia, I am here for anyone who needs a bit of lovin. Hope you enjoy.F indingA nswersI nT he H eart

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I think the smile on my face says everything, this doesn’t need a caption.

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When they say a sister is a friend for life they speak no word of a lie. Elly Anderson I love you very much. You’ve been there every step of the way and for that I am forever grateful.

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Anonymous said: Can I ask where you got your sheer blouses the sort of neutral one im not good at describing colours as it look fab and can I also say how pretty you are xx

Primark. Chances are if you ask where my clothes are from 90% of the time I will say primark. I am a cheap sass goddess and proud.

Just a few quick selfies before I hop into bed because I was feeling like poop so decided to curl my hair and try take a few nice pictures to boost my body image a bit. 🐥

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Anonymous said: you're one of the most lovely blogs on this site, and whenever i'm feeling down on myself or consumed with bad thoughts (usually regarding my ED) i come browse your blog and it makes me feel like i can be strong like you. you're my inspiration darling! ♥

Thanks to you sweet lovely anon I am going to sleep with a smile on my face. This little message has literally made my heart feel all happy and fuzzy. Thank you thank you thank you xxxxxxx

Anonymous said: u have rly nice eyes

Thank you so much! Fun fact: according to my optician my eyes are abnormally large for the size of my face and rugby ball shaped. Xx

Anonymous said: Your last response was wonderful, it made me laugh ;)! What's your least favourite colour? Your favourite scent, and your leas favourite sound?

I’m glad it made you chuckle! My least favourite colour is grey because what even is the point it’s just sad and ain’t nobody got time for that. My favourite scent is possibly petrol (what even am I). My least favourite sound is a knife scraping across a plate, even thinking about it gives me chills! Xxxx

Anonymous said: The pictures u post are so perfect! They all look like they were proffessionally done. You should be a model (:

OMG this is the cutest message ever. Thank you little ray of sunshine xxx

Anonymous said: hellllooo, could ya let me know how you did your hair in your header/icon pictures, it's sooo cutee💁

My hair in my header and icon pictures is curled the day before, left in a bun over night then I just clipped a bit on top. Xxx

Anonymous said: You are ugly

You must be confused, I’m hawt.